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Our Quail

We raise Jumbo cotournix quails here on the farm. This variety of quails are great for eating, egg production and fast producers!

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Variety of Colors

We have a variety of colors in our line since we have breed jumbo whites, jumbo browns and Egyptian varieties together. Adults are mature at an average of 8-10 weeks of age!


Weekly Hatchings

We hatch our quails weekly for an average availability of 50-100 week old chicks available at a given time.



Hatching or eating

We have a large selection of eggs available weekly for hatching or eating. Our hatch rate is an above 50% average per batch.


Coturnix quail
hatching eggs available
Next hatching of day olds available every Sunday afternoon

Day to week old chicks $2

Two week olds $3

Three week olds $4


Four week olds $7


5 week and up $9

Hatching eggs $12 for a dozen.

Eggs $5 for 12

Contact for availability. Hatches every twenty days.
Facebook @misfitfarms
Email at

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